Knowledge and Preservation

Knowledge, Preservation and Loss (and the Internet)

These links look at knowledge: whether it exists as an independent entity or is created through editorial choices and cultural practices, as well as the loss of knowledge, and its preservation.

In regards to the idea that we spend as much time online as sleeping: not yet, but..

The first ever web page?

…and the World Wide Web Consortium, which hosts the above page:

The Geocities archive project:

A fairly thorough post on the Great Fire of Rome in 64 A.D. (Includes translations of accounts of the fire from Tacitus and Pliny the Elder):

The blog (used by me and some friends) that was deleted and then, eventually, re-instated with only one person (the deletor) having administrative access. (This link opens to a random post, a picture of my girlfriend and her sisters, brought up by the “view random post” generator.):

Globe and Mail article “Don’t Discard the Librarians”:

Google’s and other Internet firms’ tracking of searches and traffic from user to user. (Ted Talks):

Donald Rumsfeld’s famous “Unknown Knowns” quote:

...and a less-than-neutral Wikipedia entry about the quote:

…as well as the wikipedia page showing the revision history of this entry:

Foucault’s online archives (in French):

Warhol’s Time Capsules:


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