Journal #3

After reading McLeod’s “Fiat flux” and after our class discussions on the role of the editor versus the role of an archivist, I was starting to feel a little deceived; what information/understanding had I lost by reading an edition of a literary work? McLeod in particular made me feel a sort of resentment towards the editor because as he demonstrates through his gallery of the different editions of “Easter Wings,” the editor can actually shape/manipulate my reading of a text. Then while surfing the net, I was curious about the first web page so I “googled” it. Although the web page is no longer served, a copy of the original page does exist (here it is if anyone else is curious too! ). This got me thinking; it’s pretty neat that we can still access this page even if it is just a representation of the original web page. Having a rendition of the original obviously is better than not having access to it at all. So as you would have it, this revelation translates into my concluding position regarding the role of the editor – that’s to say that their work of providing an edition of an original text does produce an adaptation of it but this is most definitely forgivable. Without their editions, some texts, even if it is just the spirit of its original, would have disappeared altogether. Although McLeod makes interesting points, he is presenting the worst case scenario through his various examples of the way “Easter Wings” has been represented by editors in various editions.

Last week, part of my plan was to note 2 ways that I hoped to improve the functionality of ECGText: 1) separate the annotations from the list of texts and 2) create folders to separate the different texts (if more than one text/manuscript were created) and include the different parts or chapters of the work within the particular folder. Since my first note is actually a short term goal outlined on the handout “Next Steps for ECGText,” I would like to pursue this step further. Although I have an idea how I would like the program to display this feature, my plan for the next few weeks is to figure out how to actually work this out in php.


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