Journal #1

In terms of skills, I’m looking forward to articulating a better understanding of coding. Anything that applies towards developing my knowledge of how the Web works behind my monitor is somewhat exciting, mainly because I think of this the way I think of food consumption: if we do it ALL THE TIME (and it could easily be argued that eating and using the internet are many people’s two main activities, even above sleeping), shouldn’t we know what goes into it? The same way I’m able to look at the packaging on food to see the ingredients before I buy, I like the idea of being able to look at a website (or maybe even some of its code) and have a better idea of what I’m actually doing.

As far as theory goes, I decided to take this class specifically because I thought it would thread well into my research project, which is on evolving evolving textuality and the effects of (sometimes violently) forcing content in one media form into another. I think of digital humanities tools as the nuts and bolts of differential media, at least in some ways.

In class yesterday, I said I’d be most comfortable in some sort of secretary role, and I still think I’d be happy to take on the tasks of compiling a full bibliography at term’s end, and trying to keep track of what gets done every week. However, after going and inputting some lines on ECGText last night, I’m less afraid of that side of things. I have to assume that once we get further into the PHP training aspect of the course, I’ll be more comfortable there too. I kind of like the idea of floating from point to point: maybe I can do a bit of programming, a bit of transcribing, and a bit of annotating?


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