Journal 1

I’m looking forward to project-based learning where I can work within a team to test out my ideas rather than working alone and testing out my ideas in a final paper, typically only read by one person – the professor. In this collaborative environment, I hope to work on my communication and problem-solving abilities. On a more practical level, I would like to become comfortable using the PHP, MySQL, and ECGText languages.

Theoretically, I’m interested in thinking through the categories of classifications that exist in discerning variations among versions of text. Although I agree with the point, as summarized by Cummings, that TEI should prioritize the intellectual structure of a work over its physical structure, I’m curious to see how an element such as spacing around words in a poem is represented digitally. I wonder if digital humanists record elements such as a text’s font or font size, or whether these elements are disregarded as irrelevant. As well, I’m interested in discovering the connections that exist between the digital humanities and the notion of historical memory in literature, a key topic of my M.A. research project. Historical memory can be understood as a collective and public remembering of the past that looks to the future and that challenges official versions of history.

For the moment, I see myself as having a programming role within the team, but I am also interested in the structural elements of the project and would be happy to see my role expand in that direction.

In the following week, I plan to choose a display feature or page and start working on it based on my role.


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