Journal #5

As this journal topic will continue until the end of the summer session, I will have to start off my end of the discussion with a very vague response to the question of how Foucault’s method of discourse analysis translates into the digital realm. I am having a heck of a time understanding Foucault’s method of discourse analysis as it is, let alone how his methods translate into any sort of realm. I understand (sort of) that Foucault’s argument is that the text is the terminal stage of discourse and that analysis looks at the discontinuity between the “already said” and the “real event.” Analysis is the grouping of statements with multiple competing hierarchies and therefore the unity of things is based on discontinuity (right?). Basically, my thought process stops there just because I am still trying to work that all out in my head. The impact of the discourse of digital technology upon the uses of technology to represent discourse for literary and cultural analysis is, in my opinion, very present but not very effective. So many of the secondary resources that I have come across for the class bibliography addresses the need for the digital humanities to become mainstream but many shift the responsibility onto humanities scholars. As discussed in class, the development of new technology appears to parallel Foucault’s methodologies (series, documents, statements) therefore, it would seem that Foucault’s methodologies are still relevant today. Again, as I said at the beginning of this entry, I realize that my response is vague but for now, this is just my way of getting the ball rolling for myself as I find Foucault’s methodologies to be quite intangible.

Just when I was starting to grasp PHP, MySQL comes into my life! Ouff! So once again, my plans from last week have been pushed aside as I have had to divide most of my time between the Nixon textbook and Foucault, not to mention that gosh darn function annotation assignment – double Ouff!! So my plans for this week are to wrap my brain around Foucault and how his methods relate to ECGtext, while I continue to work on my original goal of separating the list of annotations from the list of texts. Also, I have been thinking about some organization and design changes for the ECGtext interface for which I would like to work out the coding. At this point, I feel so far behind that these plans seem unrealistic but I’m hoping for the best. Even just a little progress is still progress.


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