Journal #6

I can sit here at my computer, pulling my graying (thanks to Foucault) hair out in a frustrated attempt to try to once again make sense of Foucault’s Archaeology of Knowledge in relation to the digital realm in order to have something to submit for this week’s journal entry or, after reading Kalervo’s interesting journal post, I can share my own thoughts and experiences in regards to the ideas that Kalervo brings up in his entry – it seems like an easy decision to make – thanks Kalervo!

I’ve been teaching English Language Arts at the high school level for 7 years now and it is still very exasperating when I see that students have not used spell-check, a “tool for protecting against errors” (to use Kalervo’s words) that is literally right at their fingertips. Like Kalervo, I also am quick to take the cynical approach to think that there really is a decline in textual standardization and I believe that technology, the very digital means that should promote standardization, is to blame. Aside from not running spell-check, students use “msn/text” language in their formal assignments. The sentence “you are going to be late” is written instead as “u r going 2 b l8” (I’m not even exaggerating!) I’ve even seen as “LOL” in a formal essay! Furthermore, it would appear that all punctuation is irrelevant. To me, this is horrendous! Can this really be the start of a “new” language? I hate to even dwell on the thought. So moving right along, how does this all relate to Foucault’s methodology? Beats me! I’m still trying to figure him out and I realize that I am running out of time. I’ve gotten as far as accepting that PHP coding is as much of a “statement” as is A,Z,E,R,T (the first 5 keys of a French keyboard).

My plan for the week is to make my drop down menus on my ecgtext homepage work. I got completely sidetracked from my original goal which was to separate the list of annotations from the list of texts. Admittedly, I began working on the drop down menus instead just because it seemed like a lot more fun and now I really want to try and finish what I started especially since I actually got the ball rolling!


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