Journal Entries

The members of the class reflected on the material and charted their progress weekly. In addition, we responded to the professor’s particular questions for each week, which are posted below.

Week One: Define your goals in terms of two areas.  First, what skills do you hope to acquire?  Second, what theoretical or interpretive issues you hope to think through?  Once you have articulated these, propose project team roles for yourself in the digital editing practicum.

Week Two and Three: Editors are faced with a dilemma; on the one hand, they don’t want to distort the evidence, but on the other hand they must make it accessible.  What do you think is representative of the right balance?  In week 3, come back and respond to the conversations already begun to develop your thinking.

Week Four: Pick a function from functions.php, and annotate it to explain its logical progression.  Make sure that you don’t annotate a function that someone else has already chosen, unless all of the functions are taken; you might also choose to annotate “ecgtext.php”, “annotate.php” or “newtext.php”.  In your annotations, and in addition to them, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions, no matter how general; and if you have any response to any of your classmates’ questions or suggestions, feel free to post it.  Though rooted in the practical, we are gesturing towards the theoretical, so feel free to start developing your thoughts in that direction.

Weeks Five to Seven:How do Foucault’s methods of discourse analysis translate into the digital realm?  How does the discourse of digital technology itself impact upon the the uses of technology to represent discourses for literary and cultural analysis?  Or has the development of new technologies altered the field in a way that makes Foucault’s methodologies no longer relevant?  Continue this conversation as we continue our readings of Foucault over the final weeks of the course.


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