This blog is meant to be an archive of the annotated bibliography and journal entries from ENGL 665 (a master’s course in English Literature at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada), as well as providing a series of links to some of the topics which were covered in the bibliography and journal entries. The course focused on the Digital Humanities and the digitization of knowledge, including theory and some basic programming, as well as exploring how Michel Foucault’s book “Archeology of Knowledge” might relate to these topics. Since we wrote and thought so much about these ideas throughout the course, it seemed useful to archive the material for our later use, and for the use of others.

Throughout the course, each member wrote a weekly journal that reflected our thoughts on the readings and assignments for that week, as well as our upcoming plans as we progressed through the material. These are displayed under the menu item “Journal Entries” according to the the author and the week in which they were written.

We also collectively compiled an annotated bibliography of scholarly¬† publications throughout the course. These sources deal with a variety of issues in the Digital Humanities, and are listed by theme under the “Bibliography” page.

As well, there are a series of links that lead to web pages dealing with some of the ideas covered in the bibliography and journals.¬† These links open to videos, published works, Wikipedia pages, quotes, images, graphs, and online archives and databases.¬† They are listed by theme under the “Links” page.

Special thanks to Stephen Yeager, the professor of this course, for designing the course and facilitating our conversations as well as our new learning about the digital humanities.